New Orleans has a special place in the History of Kuk Sool Won.

Kuk Sa Nim creates Kuk Sool Won in 1961 in South Korea. In 1973 Kuk Sa Nim moves to the United States to get a more international audience for his martial art style.

Kuk Sa Nim moved to the New Orleans area, under the sponsorship of Master Kenneth Duncan, and began training students here.

In 1974 Kuk Sool Won Head Quarters moves to San Francisco, California, but some local students keep Kuk Sool Won alive in New Orleans.

In 1995, SBN Randall Heller opened Kuk Sool Won™ of Terrytown. SBN Randy's home was destroyed during Huricane Katrina/Rita storms in 2005 and he decided to move for Tucson, Arizona. SBN Randy recommended PSBN Ryan Tardiff to Grand Master In Hyuk Suh and the World Kuk Sool Association™ to open Kuk Sool Won of Gretna.

SBN Ryan opened Kuk Sool Won of Gretna'sdoors in November of 2005 and is proud to keep the tradition of Kuk Sool Won in the New Orleans area, the first place where it was taught in the US, going strong.