KSN Qwan Le

Sa Bum Nim Quan Le

- Began training with Sa Bum Nim Randall Heller in 2001. 

- Awarded 1st degree black belt in 2005. 

- Awarded 2nd degree black belt in 2009.

- 2011 and 2013 Grand Champion Senior Division.

-Awarded 3rd degree black belt in 2013.

-Awarded 4th degree black belt in 2017.

- Official World Kuk Sool tournament judge.

PSBN Quan Le teaches at the International School of Louisiana in New Orleans.

PSBN Quan travels to Texas for training at the World Kuk Sool Association Head Quarters under the instruction of Su Suhk Kwahn Jahng Nim Sung Jin Suh and Head Quarter Masters.