Kuk Sool Won™ is a Comprehensive Martial Art

Many martial art styles today are concerned primarily, if not solely, on methods of attack and defense, but Kuk Sool Won™ covers an extensive variety beyond that. Kuk Sool™ is a well organized, systematic study of the entire Korean martial arts spectrum dating back to ancient times. Our curriculum includes specific meditation and breathing methods that help develop internal energy, and has been reported to lead to long healthy lives. Mental development is also stressed, which helps to instill self-confidence and self-discipline, a calm self-assurance and the psychological and spiritual values traditionally associated with the character of a martial artist.

Kuk Sool Won™ covers the entire spectrum that established Asian fighting arts has to offer. As it is practiced today, Kuk Sool™ is relatively new, but its roots stretch far and deep to the beginnings of the Korean people. Because of its completeness, you will see Kuk Sool™ is a perfect fit for anyone of any age or gender, especially those with different goals, needs and even physical limitations.

The pages in this section contain more specific detail about this martial art and its history.